June 03, 2022 1 Comments

10 Wild Mushrooms You Can Eat

Your interest in mushrooms, probably is piqued by the question, "is that something good to eat." The answer is yes, there is a whole subculture based around finding, storing, consuming and selling of mushrooms. Here are a list..
June 03, 2022 2 Comments

10 Wild Plants You Can Eat

You find yourself lost in the woods, you search through your pockets for something to eat, and come up with a stick of gum, fine for now, but you have already been out here 3 days. After staring at some strange plant you thi..
June 03, 2022 1 Comments

6 Knots for Camping

Knowledge of the best camping knots will have you slinging hammocks up, doing makeshift tent repairs and engaging in all manner of other tricks. In the long run, it’s far better to invest a little time practising how to tie some the best c..
June 03, 2022 0 Comments

Building a Campfire

Probably not the most exciting topic, but I am sure at some point, this knowledge will come in handy. Always check if campfires are permitted. Whether or not you know how to build a campfire, you should already know that they can spark ..
June 03, 2022 0 Comments

Finding A Place To Camp

This is not so much a blog, as an article of helpful links to sites that are invaluable to not only first time campers but might be an insight for people who believe they know everything about finding a good campsite. Free online government si..
June 05, 2022 0 Comments

Ten Amazing Camping Gadgets from Amazon

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, Colorado Camping Company may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Terms & Conditions The summer has just begun and you will want to make your experience in the great outdoors a little m..
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