Ten Amazing Camping Gadgets from Amazon

  • Ten Amazing Camping Gadgets from Amazon
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Ten Amazing Camping Gadgets from Amazon

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The summer has just begun and you will want to make your experience in the great outdoors a little more convenient for yourself and friends, by doing a little Amazon shopping.

This store offers a lot of camp gear, but face it we can't carry everything, so here is a list of helpful items from the mega seller Amazon.

#1 Jetboil HalfGen Basecamp Camping Cooking System

The Genesis Basecamp System is the ultimate all-in-one backcountry cooking system, stowing neatly into itself and then fitting snugly into the durable travel bag. In one fell swoop you can pick up the regulated Genesis stove, 5-liter FluxPot, and Fry Pan—everything you need to set a new benchmark for basecamp cooking. GET IT HERE - Jetboil

#2 uco stake light

The UCO StakeLight adds a light function versus an ordinary tent stake, making it easy to find or set-up your tent in the dark. Activated by a switch and powered by one AAA battery inserted into the hollow tube of the stake, the StakeLight creates a perimeter of light around your tent. Provides either a continuous source of light or set it to strobe mode to mark your tent's location. GET IT HERE - uco

#3 FLIR Scion Long Range | Thermal Monocular Series

FLIR is expanding the popular FLIR Scion Outdoor Thermal Monocular (OTM) and Professional Thermal Monocular (PTM) series with new 25mm lens or 36mm lens variants for longer range detection. GET IT HERE - FLIR

#4 nCamp Kitchen to Go 5 Piece Bundle

THE ULTIMATE CAMPING ACCESSORY - This nCamp Camping Kitchen To Go includes a Wood Burning Stove, Prep Surface, Café, Gas Adapter and Carrying Case. GET IT HERE - nCamp

#5 nite ize radiant 314 rechargeable lantern

This powerful 314-lumen lantern has a built-in powerbank so you can charge your devices from anywhere. This rechargeable, dual-color lantern is a perfect companion for outdoor adventures, backyard illumination, or home emergency use. GET IT HERE - nite ize


The Yeti 6000X — our highest capacity power station to date. Equipped with 6000 watt-hours of lithium power, the Yeti 6000X will run power-hungry devices and appliances for days on end. Enjoy a wide range of powering options with seven versatile ports, including two industry-leading 2000W AC ports to run anything you could from a wall outlet. Power RV’s, trailers, off-grid events, work sites, essential circuits in your home, and more. GET IT HERE - GOAL ZERO

#7 atwood tactical rope dispenser

Created by US special ops paratrooper to have usable tangle free cord exactly when needed. In a true emergency or survival situation there isn’t time to untangle cord. TRD delivers a true 550lbs paracord when you need it. With it’s built in cutting blade the TRD eliminates the need for additional tools. GET IT HERE - atwood

#8 Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent

The sky is the limit with Aurora Highrise™ with a unique frame design that affords steep side walls providing massive interior volume, while large rain-protected side windows add ventilation and great views. This versatile and intuitive tent design makes setup quick and easy for an inviting home under the stars, ideal for escaping with the whole family or really spreading out as a couple. GET IT HERE - Nemo

#9 Jetboil Stash

Meet the STASH. Our lightest and most compact stove system delivers Jetboil speed and efficiency at a fraction of the weight. Because even if you’re counting ounces, you deserve a hot meal at the end of a long day on the trail. GET IT HERE - Jetboil

#10 Kelty Loveseat Camping Chair

Get low. This iconic camping loveseat is built with a lower base and a relaxed, slightly reclined designed so you'll get your fill of chill without towering over the campfire. Designed for 2 (dogs welcome), the Love Loveseat changes the game of camping comfort. GET IT HERE - Kelty

Not me or my tent, but you get the idea

Did you find some stuff interesting or a must have buy for your next adventure? I did, unfortunately, I travel light, so some of it is just impracticle. My first choice would be that Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent, that looks gorgeous and would pack nicely in my car, thus replacing my tired beaten and taped together stand by tent from the past 4 years of hiking .... guess I better get shopping.


While I would like The HalfGen, I already own an older jetboil and that is doing me just fine, but I could certainly recommend any of the jetboil series as I have a lot of experience with them and they have held up quite well over the years. The light-up stakes would be an interesting night time visual in camp and prevent me from falling over my tent lines when I hop out to pee in the middle of the night, But I will "stick" with my wittled improvised stakes for now. The Flir and the Yeti are both out of the "scope" of my budget and packing requirements, but both the ncamp kitchen and the atwood rope dispenser are going on my "must have" list. all right, definitely going to save up for that tent, but fixing my current "not built for camping" sports car hatchback is the priority. I will now get on with lunch, as I am currently writing this article in my tent in a Beautiful camp just west of Durango, but be sure to check out some of my old posts and stay tuned for more as my adventures in Colorado continue. SEEYA....

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