About Us

About Us

Colorado Camping Company is founded on the years of experience and the forward thinking of it's original owners and current operators. 

Our Mission:

Give the customer a tried and true product and instill in them confidence in their tools no matter what adventure they might undertake.

Our Vision:

Become the number one outdoor adventure store in the world.

Our positioning:

We are committed to selling affordable, high quality products that will give anyone the right tools to enjoy the great outdoors.  

Our slogan:

Go and See!

Our Core philosophy:

To sell products to customers who spend a majority of their time travelling to and camping in the wilderness.

We promote eco-friendly products with light to no impact on the camping environment. If you pack it in, you also pack it out.

We are a force for change, we support wilderness clubs and fight for better legislation in the way wilderness areas are governed and protected, not only

here in Colorado but around the world.

Our story:

Three brothers tramping the wilds of Colorado, travelling and camping every nook and cranny of that great state.

In those eight plus years of adventure we figured a few things out. One - for the most part people are friendly, helpful and trustworthy. Two - never

be afraid to ask for help or to give help to others. Three - spend the money on gear you will use everyday, if you have confidence in your gear, you will not be afraid to go anywhere and into any environment.

We started giving advice to other people we met along our way, and were never afraid to ask for their advice. We were constantly asked if we had a website they could go to. Well now, I am happy to say "we do", We started with a blog we call 'the Gear List'.

When that got too small for the questions being asked we started pointing people in the right direction for that gear. Finally we just decided to open an online store,

with our collections of the best gear we could recommend with confidence. 

We didn't want it to just be a storefront, we wanted to inform people about camping and adventuring in the wilderness.

We hope people whoever visit our store will be inspired by our original motto that is still tacked over the door of our warehouse, "Go and See".

                                                                                                  C. J. DeGelleke

                    Part Time Owner, Full Time Adventurer.